Some notes of the ShaTsAhasra tradition

When in gavalkuNDa, R1 and A saved us from the pangs of hunger. R1, A and our clan had similar histories with peregrinations through the length of jambudvIpa over time in the practice and quest of the mantra-shAstra. R1’s clan had moved back recently to the Southern realms after 2.5 centuries in the land of the malla rAjas. R1 who treated us as son also opened our eyes to some remarkable matters- she us acquainted with her father, who was one the last holders of the vidyA’s of the ShaTsAhasra tradition (since R1 was cashing her brahminical check). Thus, I learnt some of these rahasyas that I wish to record as they are in danger of extinction.

-Several forms of pratya~NgirA are offered Ajya homas a combine pUrNAhUtI, and tarpaNaM. The pratya~NgirA-s invoked in this tradition are: 1) siddhalakShmI (She dances on the hands of the hands of the frightful ugratANDava bhairava who in turn stands on a preta. She smiles with her four heads and wears a garland of 108 skulls. She has 10 arms with a sword, mace, bell, varada mudra and wine cup and GYAna mudra, bow, arrow, lasso and a severed head. Her mantra encompasses the vidyA of bAlA, the daughter of kulasundarI). 2) mantramAtR^ikA. 3) mantraDAmArikA 4) saptakoTeshvarI
-Several sarasvatI-s are also offered oblations:1) mAtR^ikAsarasvatI 2) vidyAvidyeshvarI 3) vAgbhaveshvarI 4) vAgIshvarI (She has 4 arms and is seated on a siMha in the lalitAsana pose. She holds a hala, a rod and two spikes to spear the demons of tamas) 5) vaikharI (in the embrace of prajApati).
-Then the oblations are made to the great chaNDakApAlini and nityAkAlI
-The 4 kulasundarI-s are worshiped: kulavAgIshvarI, kAmeshvarI, vajreshvarI and mahAtripurasundarI. They are worshiped with the kulavagIshvarI, vajreshvarI rahasya mantra and pa~nchadashi mantras
-The mighty kubjikA, the mistress of the paschimAmnAya, is worshipped with the glorious 32 syllabled samayavidyA. She is mediated as seated on the lap of her spouse, mahAdeva as navAtman. She is indescrible as one can only experience her upon ‘seeing’ the flash of the mantra.

-The most peculiar vidyA of mahAntArI of 15 syllables is used with fire oblations in the Ajyahoma. The manifest form of mahAntArI for all those who know the vidyA emerges directly out of the a~Ngas of kArttikeya. She has 6 heads and twelve arms as result.

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